Colin Demét

  Shaman Practitioner



Cert. BAC counselling

Dip Hypno-analysis

Psychometry Readings

Past Life Regression

Life Between Lives

Spirit Release

78 Card Tarot Divination

Missing person investigations / Hauntings

Cert. Parapsychology Edinburgh University

BSc (Hons)  Psychology / Counseling (cpd)

MPLTA  (Member of The Past Life Therapists Association)

Member of  'The Society for Shamanic Practitioners'

Member of 'The Spirit Release Forum'


Hello and thank you for reading my page. I began working professionally with Hypno-analysis in 1991, and was working with techniques of regression therapy and spirit communication as a teenager in the 70s. I have been resident studying psychology at Lancaster, Keele and Durham Universities; I completed my BAC Certificate of counselling skills in 1996, and have studied parapsychology with Edinburgh University. My first tarot readings go back to the Birmingham psychic and mystic fairs of 1979. I lived for 12 yrs on the Isle of Lewis in an old secluded crofters cottage by the sea where I became one with nature. While on the Island I wrote a series of poetic tales books from the spiritual essence of the Western Isles, and worked through my own inner demons, before moving to Ayrshire Scotland in 2013. I would not call what I do ‘work’ but a way of life: a vocation. I live a reclusive life in a quiet environment in a cottage surrounded by countryside, with my wife and soul partner Annette who is a Reike Master. As a Shaman I spend much of my time in the world of spirit. With experiential journeys such as ‘Past Life’  ‘Soul Retrieval’  'Spirit Release' I believe a psychic awareness and link is required; for such experiences the environment and surrounding energies are crucial.

                                                                  Please feel free to contact me –

                                                                                   I have no chains – only links. 



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