Colin Demét  B.Sc.






"Cabala, a Journey on the Tree of Life" is a story I hope will be enjoyed by all; from people who have no conception of the Cabala or its meanings, to those who have studied its infinite paths for aeons. If one realisation; one new understanding of our existence may be experienced as you turn these pages...then all will have been worthwhile for me. If my writing may help to bring a new understanding, to such perplexing questions as; why do we kill our own children in wars? Or, why are we a self destructive species?...Then hopefully, some of humanities needless suffering may diminish.The story is intended to bring a basic understanding of the Cabala to people who may not have any knowledge of the concepts of cabalistic philosophy, which has for aeons been shrouded in mystery. The story follows the paths, and moves through the ten houses from the 'tree of life.' "Cabala, a Journey on the Tree of Life", explains in an easy to understand dialogue many of the influences and meanings derived from the Cabala.




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Drawing by Yannic Neilson at age 14