Colin Demét  B.Sc.



Passing Over


    There are some certainties in our existence and two of them for sure are Life & Death, for all whom walk the path of life on earth, will one day face the transition of physically dying.  

     Whatever we believe; even if it be that death is totality; the end of everything, I offer you the last rite to reflect over your journey through life and to possibly ‘put to right’ some, if any, of the mistakes or ‘wrongs’ which have occurred throughout your lifetime yet still remain unresolved.

    We all make mistakes; mistakes are a part of our lives, and if we leave mistakes or troubles without closure, then the pain may remain the same, and sometimes be amplified through echoes of regret.

    I offer the chance for, New understandings, Changes, Reconciliation, Forgiving (for yourself and others) Peace of Mind, Closure and eventually Moving on within peace, happiness and dignity.

    For those whom accept spirit I offer love and help with ‘passing over’ into the light, and I often enable people to see and communicate with loved ones from the other side, before their own transition.  

    Death is Rebirth and any baggage we carry from our incarnations on earth, we take over with us into spirit; it’s not too late to remove any Dark Energy; any unwanted baggage; Dark Energy which so sadly, is often left behind with our loved ones, unresolved.





 Atonement, Blessings & Prayers, Spiritual transition –

                     Hospital visits – Home visits



Psychopomp; the term originates from the Greek words pompos (conductor or guide) and psyche (breath, life, soul, or mind). A guide whom escorts souls to the afterlife, but they can also serve as guides through the various transitions of life; for the importance of spiritual atonement throughout this life and the transition into the next.





We all must pay the ferryman dock port Elysian

Soul-full sorrows heads bowed down ... frown

Eyes searching deep

The ground beneath.


Benevolent charming

Charms psalms sung low

Chariot, carry me sweetly home

Baybel Babylon

Home grown.


So ... calm ... peaceful ... still

Creep crisp mists frozen, freeze

One moment forever stolen ... preserve,

I wonder!

‘Tis what we all deserve.


Green grass sweet, crew-cut neat

Tidy lined furrows legions legends

Hallowed Holy Watered planted seeds below

Head-stoned etched monoliths tall and proud

Sown, fields where the crops never grow.


Wormwood cryptic sarcophagus

Secure lest the dead be stole

A pyramid where a King be hid

Gold-dust Diamonds Ruby bribe, the ferryman

Kings, Queens may never die

Be the rider comes in the darkest night

For to harvest with a scythe.


Bone Hone Drone Bemoan Babylon

Black watch moon lights flood-lit beam

In a play called hell we toll the bell

Marbled flag-stones shadows wave

Metamorphic kiss

Death’s own last wish

Sow shallow be the grave.


Sharp cut our Flowers stems veins ... bequeathed

Withering crisp cropped brown

Sunset picked wreathing wreath

For a flower may bloom in the rains bows gloom

The butterfly waits for the thief

For all which glitters is not gold

And the bill for life is grief.


We all must pay the ferryman

Dock port Elysian

Soul-full sorrows heads bowed down, frown

Eyes searching ... deep

The ground




 Poem by Colin Demét (Wordcatcher)

& Artwork by Leslie Hanning Fromm.

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Artwork by

Leslie Hanning Fromm

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