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Past Life Regression

Déjà vu

An experiential journey of

                                       self awareness and discovery.


Past Life Regression is experienced using altered states of consciousness via Hypnosis. Past Life Regression is a journey which you may simply be curious to experience, or have some deep and meaningful purpose. The journey will often involve enlightenment through ‘parallel’ self realizations and understandings from the past, which are often beneficially life changing. Sometimes trauma from past lives may remain unresolved in our current life, and as such bring negative psychological or physical symptoms.


(Mediumship & contacting spirit: please see my page on Mediumship on my Spirit Release website).


When you tell a person something you knock on a door … when someone realizes something the door no longer exists.


I am here to listen and share your journey.

Hypnosis is relaxation and at all times you will be totally aware and awake. Hypnosis is a normal and natural state of mind which is very pleasant; you are not asleep and your conscious mind is simply in a quiet state while your subconscious mind is able to focus on images and memories more easily. You will also be able to converse freely, and you will have a heightened awareness of everything that is happening.


Sessions recorded on request.

L'Ultime Porte (Huile)


by Louis Fregier


Dies Irae Huile  sur bois




              Review Past Life Regression with Colin Demét


Colin Demét's sensitive and skilful Hypnotherapy for Past Life Regression has facilitated a profoundly life changing experience for me. I can't thank Colin enough.


I approached Colin via the UK register for Accredited Past Life Regression Hypnotists in a search for greater depth and meaning in my life. Middle aged, with a Christian upbringing and interested in the overlap within mainstream religions of compassion, integrity and non judgement, I became curious about past lives, not really believing them to be possible. I wasn't sure whether, under hypnosis, my imagination and fantasies might just run wild, invalidating any experience I had. Colin patiently listened to my anxious ramblings and allowed me to approach hypnosis at my own pace.


Past Life Regression turned out to be mind blowing; powerful beyond anything I could have imagined. Re-experiencing eight past lives, I have made connections between anxieties and compulsions in this life and started to resolve problems I hardly even realised were there. More than this, experiencing the process of death multiple times then reconnecting with loved ones in the spirit world has significantly reduced my primal fear of death and ageing, barely acknowledged before. Contrary to popular books on the subject of past lives, I did not access dates and historical facts. However the emotional experience of relationships, life choices, losses and mistakes were as real as memories from this current life. Experiencing life through my own eyes in different lifetimes did give me access to details of each era: to people, places, clothing, furniture and to events that have since been verifiable upon research, including my identity in my two most recent past lives.


Most importantly for me has been the shift from feeling dissatisfied and overly focused on what I've missed out on, to realising the great blessings and privileges I have been afforded in this lifetime, which has been truly  transformational.


Ref: Client. Ayrshire.




Ref: Client Beith.


I am writing to thank you for my Past Life regression session & my Life between Life session. My past life regression was very interesting, and I still have to do some research to see if I can find out more information. My life between life session was a very emotional experience. As I regressed into the spiritual realm I felt nothing but Love. After losing my best friend & my Aunt earlier this year I was overwhelmed when I had a 30 minute conversation with my best friend. The tears were flowing. I also had quick chats with my Aunt, Gran & Grandfather. I would recommend this experience to anyone thinking about these sessions.


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L H L H .

Artwork by

Leslie Hanning Fromm

escape ... you can fly true love never dies

Artwork by Leslie Hanning Fromm



{3:6} Quod natum est ex carne, caro est: et quod natum est ex Spiritu, spiritus est.

{3:6} What is born of the flesh is flesh, and what is born of the Spirit is spirit.

{3:7} Non mireris quia dixi tibi: oportet vos nasci denuo.

{3:7} You should not be amazed that I said to you: You must be born anew.