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Portal Therapy by Colin Demét 2015 © Portal relates to the transmitting and receiving of feelings/messages through a living creature’s spiritual self which in a normal (normal maybe hard to define and may relate to variations within different social structures) state is in harmony/balanced and protected from external interference. One analogy is cyberspace; if you are using your computer and the system is without malfunction, you are able to move around cyberspace safely; you have a security system which protects you from unwanted viruses such as, may completely destroy days or years of hard work. With Portal therapy the latter security breach is called ‘fragmentation’ and we will all experience to some extent, some form of fragmentation; just as if regularly using a computer you are likely at some time to experience external interference from some subjective negative influence from cyberspace. As cyberspace communication has no distance or time factor (like sending a message to the other side of the world) so it is with the space around ourselves beyond our own ‘personal space’. Our self ‘bubble’ floating in ‘psychic-space’ is able to communicate (just like the internet) with external stimuli; the computer we use to communicate with psychic-space is our Portal.





Some Spirits are earth-bound, trapped within the emotional confusion from an addiction or some catastrophic, traumatic experience, which is carried with them through their death into the spiritual world. This trauma may span a lifetime of abuse such as drug addiction, or exist from one momentous incident, such as a murder / execution or horrific accident. Such spirits are seeking to re-incarnate to fulfill their desire / need through an available portal from an incarnated spirit (human) which is opened through psychological or physical fragmentation. Some frequently used areas of transference are hospitals, (people passed over easily transfer into people under anesthesia). Graves / Funerals, (confused spirit may all transfer through their host’s grieving / trauma / through the bereaved persons emotionally open portal).

Sometimes our loved ones remain / return through a traumatic fragmentation of feelings; they may be with you and affect your life; often ambivalence may be involved ‘Can’t live with – Can’t live without’.  

Often earth-bound spirits are very confused and do not realize they have passed over.


An Entity is a ‘dark negative energy attachment (also positive Entities) which remains with an individual (most often due to trauma). An entity has no intellect, and is of the same category as a material dark physically manifested entity such as cancer, HIV, Ebola and other such diseases. Psychological psychosomatic disorders such as phobias, stammers, compulsive, obsessive disorders are among the dark energy attachment category, and are transferable within the host. If the symptom is treated and the cause not found and removed the problem will continue, albeit in another form of metamorphosis.  




Low intellectual thinking process (First incarnations)

Primary, Secondary Level Incarnations.

Alcohol & drugs abuse.

Hysteria (rushing around and keeping busy to avoid the completion process of possession).

Strong obsessive compulsions desires – fantasy-occult-money-objects-sexual.

Neurotic/Psychotic malfunction.

Trauma – psychological or physical.

Illness – accident - unconsciousness – coma.  

Children vulnerable to passing traffic. (May be little Angels or Devils).

Teens experiencing puberty.

Inexperienced attempts with spirit communication.  



Low energy levels, Tiredness (depression) … mood swings … High energy levels (hysteria).

Poor Concentration; Memory loss; 

Addictions – Obsessions – Compulsions.

Bizarre thoughts ans behaviour.

Unfamiliar behaviour.

Psychosomatic symptoms being Psychological & Physical.

Unusual dreams.

Visions and Hallucinations.


Inner voices.

Anxiety; Depression; Panic attacks.




Illogical behaviour; Nonsense; Childishness.

Out of synchronization with daily life.

Petty; Silly; Senseless; Malicious behaviour.

Obsessive and Compulsive behaviour.

Withdrawal; Solitude; Brooding.



Evil spirit incarnated often a past murderer, or spirit seeking revenge.

Strong desire or compulsion to torture and harm animals or other people.

Evil malicious feelings of hate.

Predator; Hunting to kill obsessively.

Sadistic; Controlling; Bullying; Coveting.

Often too overpowering for host; feelings of Guilt, (often resulting in suicide).

When host is caught may commit suicide or once incapacitated spirit will seek another similar host.




Earth bound spirits; Ghosts; Lost souls.

Thought forms; Entities; Dark energy clusters.

Negative energy; Psychic attack; Curses.

Past life attachments and Ancestral patterns.

Inner child fragments; Karma; Soul retrieval.

Satanic influences; Dark force; Collective unconscious.

Elementals; Earth energies; Hybrid; ET.

Artwork by Rudolf  Dierckx

Rudolf Dierckx


by Colin Demét. January 2015



A brief synopsis regarding:

Spiritual / Physical metamorphosis.


You may be host to unwanted guests or spiritual squatters, which have been trapped within a moment of confusion; attached to you through some specific fragmentation. Often a spirit child may be lost and searching after a miscarriage, such a child spirit needs to be set free into the light to continue with their development.

Gambling, Drinking, Depression may all be linked to spirit attachments, and there may be more than one sharing your space. ‘Portal Therapy’ can release attachments within minutes as they are often confused and only need to be shown the correct way to continue with their own spiritual progression. You may be host to one or several attachments which are affecting your life, and can be released within a one hour session of ‘Spirit Release Therapy’.



An entity is a growth which requires feeding; it uses mantras (repeating connotations) for reinforcement; it has no intellect only obsessive desire.

Spirit is attracted by similarity to its host; it has intellect and may vary from

'Lost & Confused' to a 'Serial Killer'.

Both of the above enter by fragmentation and may open the door for others.




When we relax or sleep we encounter different states of consciousness. The different states of unconsciousness may be measured by EEG patterns of the brain's electrical activity. Under certain conditions we may become vulnerable to negative external energies, and this is why it is recommended you use ‘Security Prayers’ regularly.

The following gives a brief description of the brainwave cycles.


BETA -  30 - 13 (Hz) discharges per second.

Normal waking state.


ALPHA – 13 – 7 (Hz) discharges per second.

First reflective stage of relaxation.


THETA – 7 – 8 (Hz) discharges per second.

Sleeping / Dreaming.


DELTA – 8 – 3 (Hz) discharges per second.

Deep Sleep - Partial eclipse into the spiritual world. The physical body and functions slow down and recuperate; or spirit / soul has one foot in the other world. You may perceive and experience spiritual images but are vulnerable and without control.


ASTRAL PROJECTION – 3 – 1 (Hz) discharges per second.

Near Death Experience – Close to passing over. The spirit may leave the body completely being only connected by a cord of light.


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Artwork by Leslie Hanning Fromm


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Neville Longmore