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Our shamanic certificate course covers approximately 12hrs practical work.

The certificate course is our foundation / acceptance course for;


Shaman Practitioner

Meetings are for approximately six, two hour sessions;

Or may be experienced over three days.


SHAMAN: Lost in translation.

SHAMAN: Can be pronounced like Shaymin, like a mythical Shaman, from the Hebrew word Shamayim. Shamayim the Hebrew word for (heaven/spirit) denotes one component of the three-part cosmos, the other elements being erets (the earth) and  SHEOL (the underworld).



Please note that this is not an  on-line course.


Welcome to our portal, and our contribution to the acceptance of the spiritual domain, and communication with positive healing energies, influences and messages from the world of spirit: Shamanism.


We welcome and work with our clients from our Cottage on the Sorn Castle Estate. We live in the midst of green fields, nature and woodland; in fact the single track road we live on is part of a ‘nature trail walk.’

The system we use is time proven and developed throughout my lifetime, being 67 plus years young. Knowledge is always waiting for those whom search, and ‘yes!’ the paths are many indeed. As the course is intensive, the time spent on each module may be adapted by taking into consideration each individuals past study, practise and experience. The certificate course is experiential, and will take you through altered states of consciousness, self-analysis, past life therapy and entry into the world of spirit where many of my clients have spent approximately 30 minutes communicating with loved ones, often in situations where past questions have remained unanswered.

We offer two courses; our certificate course level 1, is for anyone seeking more knowledge and awareness of working within the spiritual world; with an emphasis on healing themselves and others. The certificate course is also the first stage of our level 2, Diploma course intended for Shaman Practitioners.




The course is intensive, practical and includes therapeutic experiences.

Both courses may include the reading of several books.

The following is a basic map of our journey together and the modules.


1 – The Lighthouse; The first meeting at the crossroads;

Empathy; Congruence; Unconditional Regard; listening skills

Anxiety – Silence – Time & Space

Portal Therapy & The Portal Egg


2 – Altered states of consciousness; Hypnosis

Analysis & Free Association.

Soul Retrieval

(Includes Hypnosis Session)


3 –Spirit Release – Security Prayer

(2nd Hypnosis Session with free association)


4 – Past Life Therapy

(3rd Hypnosis Session)


5 – Life between Lives –

Travelling & Communicating within the Spiritual Realm

(4th Hypnosis Session)


6 – Communicating with Spirit & Walk - ins.

Shamanic Journeying (Psychopomping)

(5th Hypnosis Session)


When we learn we understand, we change, we rise above negativity … 40 percent of our population are suffering from anxiety related problems, and feeding (often long term) the pharmaceutical industry … medication is often used as ‘pick & mix’ quick fix for invisible problems such as depression; we know how to transplant a liver or heart, but when someone says to their doctor, “Everything was fine but suddenly … I can’t face the day, I have rashes appearing on my skin, and I have bad thoughts … I keep hearing the same voice over and over in my head telling me to do things!” Such treatment as electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is available and can be affective although the reason for success is unknown, but … if you were a spirit squatting in another person’s body … would you wait around with thousands of volts of electricity being shot through your brain for 6 seconds?


Shamanism!  It’s not simply about dancing in a field playing a drum at the weekends … it is a way of life which encompasses everything … life, death, love, hate, pain, joy and good and evil, for they all exist together; always remember there is no distance in spirit; like your phone; you press a button and you may see and talk to someone on the other side of the world instantaneously … it is only from understanding and rising above ignorance we may walk the path and make changes not only for ourselves but the world.


For further information regarding my courses please contact me via email.


Love & Light

Colin Demét


SHAMAN - mythical Shaman, from the Hebrew word Shamayim.

Can be pronounced like Shaymin, like a mythical Shaman, from the Hebrew word Shamayim. Shamayim the Hebrew word for (heaven/spirit) denotes one component of the three-part cosmos, the other elements being erets (the earth) and sheol (the underworld).


Common beliefs identified by Mircea Eliade professor from the university of Chicago.


Spirits exist and they play important roles both in individual lives and in human society.

The shaman can communicate with the spirit world.

Spirits can be benevolent or malevolent.

The shaman can treat sickness caused by malevolent spirits.

The shaman can employ trances inducing techniques to incite visionary ecstasy and go on vision quests.

The shaman's spirit can leave the body to enter the supernatural world to search for answers.

The shaman evokes animal images as spirit guides, omens, and message-bearers.

The shaman can perform other varied forms of divination, and sometimes foretell of future events.

Many shamans have expert knowledge of medicinal plants.  





by Hank Wesselman, PhD


1. The belief that everything and everyone is part of a pattern and thus interconnected.

2. The belief in the existence of an alternate reality, often referred to as the spirit world or dreamtime by traditional people, or as nonordinary reality by modern mystics.

3. The belief in the ability of some individuals to achieve transcendent states of consciousness and enter the alternate reality for problem solving and healing of self and others; this belief is usually accompanied by a strong desire to personally experience the alternate reality.

4. The belief in the existence of spirit helpers and teachers who reside in the alternate reality. Although most modern mystics tend not to affiliate with organized religion, Jesus of Nazareth is regarded as a spirit teacher of great power, and most profess the belief in some form of supernatural godlike being or consciousness.

5. The belief that everything, both animate and inanimate, is imbued with a personal supernatural essence or soul; thus, everything everywhere is aware and thus “minded” to some degree.

6. The belief in the existence of an impersonal power or vital force that pervades all things and is expressed as life force in animate beings–the mana of the Polynesians, the chi of the Chinese, the prana of yoga, the num of the Kalahari bushmen, or the baraka of the Muslims.

7. The belief in the existence of a personal energy body that can be perceived by some as an aura and can be enhanced through the energy centers within it–called chakras and meridians in Eastern thought.



Shamayim: I believe that the roots of Shamanism are derived from the Hebrew word Shamayim ...

Shamayim the Hebrew word for (heaven/spirit) denotes one component of the three-part cosmos, the other elements being

erets (the Earth) and  sheol (the Underworld / Hell).


For myself ... Shamayim is a Vocation / A way of life; not a religion.


Psychopomp; Greek word.

Pompos (conductor or guide)

Psyche = Spirit                            



Pictures by Leslie Hanning Fromm